Sowing peas and oats in one pass

10. 6. 2020
This year, sowing of two crops in one pass with a Falcon PRO seed drill was applied in agricultural company Dolany, Czech Republic.
Sowing peas and oats in one pass

Company owns a biogas plant and besides corn they also grow mixture of peas and oats on worse land. In the past this mixture was sown by two seed drill passes, which is not entirely advantageous in terms of efficiency. This year, they were able to take advantage of the possibility of sowing two crops in one pass thanks to the Falcon PRO seed drill.

Falcon PRO allows sowing of oats with even coulters to a depth of 2-3 cm and at the same time sowing peas with odd coulters to a depth of 4-5 cm. The seed hopper is divided by a partition so that each crop is metered by a separate metering unit in the required dose. The dose can be easily changed while driving directly from the tractor cab. Thanks to the pneumatic compactor with radial low-pressure tires, the soil is uniformly compacted over the entire surface and the capillarity and rise of soil moisture is restored. As a result, the vegetation is very even, even though there was no precipitation after sowing.

This year's very dry spring confirmed that the stands based on the technology of sowing with Falcon PRO seed drills ensured very high-quality and balanced stands even with a strong lack of precipitation.

Ing. Michal Nýč

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