Sowing three crops at once with Falcon Fert +

5. 6. 2020
At the beginning of April, ZOD Zálší sowed three kinds of crops (alfalfa, grass and peas) with the machine Falcon 6 PRO Fert + in one pass. Agricultural company is farming in the district of Ústí nad Orlicí, it is Pardubice region, northwest of Czech Republic. The company is mainly engaged by cattle breeding. Crop production is focused on the production of fodder for animal production and also on the production of market crops, mostly cereals, rape and sugar beet. The area of agriculture lands is 4100 hectares.
Sowing three crops at once with Falcon Fert +

The main reason of this way crops planting is, the first year to harvest the biggest amount of sillage mass and the alfalfa-grass stands leave for more years  (three to four years depending on soil and climatic conditions).

The land was well prepared with the Farmet Kompaktomat cultivation combinator. The result was a very fine soil structure with no clods. The land was levelled and consolidated by rollers after sowing.

The pre-processing disc section cultivated the soil to the depth of 2-3 cm for sowing peas. Subsequently, the fertilizing disc section in this case used for pea sowing set to a depth of 6 cm. The pneumatic roller compacted the soil well again, approved to obtain a good shallow Even seeding coulters was sowing alfalfa in dose of 15 kg/ha to the depth of 2 cm and odd seeding coulters was used for sowing grass in dose of 1 kg/ha to the depth of 1 cm.

Vegetation - May 2020

Vegetation - July 2020

Each crop is placed in rows of 25 cm thanks to this technology of sowing. Falcon PRO is already a new generation of seed drills having new metering units and seed rollers. Roller metering units show high sowing accuracy.

Sowing dose:

Peas (via fertilizer discs): sowing 160 kg / ha, depth 5–6 cm
Alfalfa (even seeding coulters): sowing 15 kg / ha, depth 1–2 cm
Grass - Festulolium (odd seeding coulters): Sowing 1 kg / ha, depth up to 1 cm

A mixed stand of alfalfa, grass and peas was sowed by two sowing operations. In one operation was sowed peas and in the second one, mixed seeding of grass and alfalfa together.  It was therefore not possible to guarantee accurate sowing in the right place. The Falcon PRO Fert + seed drill and the mentioned technology make it possible to set all other crops at once and to dose more precisely, but also to save work operations, ie financial costs and crossings in the field.

Despite the very dry conditions of this spring season the stand sowed by technology with the Falcon PRO very evenly emerged. The results you can see on the attached photos.

Ing. Michal Nýč
Ing. Helena Dvořáková

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