DISKOMAT 6PS a success in Australia fields!

13. 7. 2020
Thanks to newly appointed Farmet dealer for Australia, Serafin Machinery, works Farmet Diskomat 6PS on fields in the state of New South Wales.
DISKOMAT 6PS a success in Australia fields!

June 4th 2020     Griffith, New South Wales, Australia

Some large irrigation farmers near their main facility at Griffith made with Diskomat a new step to succeed in ongoing soil preparation. Heavy soils were pre-worked a few months before and since receiving some good rain events. This caused hard, uneven soil conditions with good moisture down approximately 4” to 7” deep.

Even thougt the Diskomat is put into these very challenging conditions, it doing a very good job.  The Diskomat is strong enough to easily penetrate the hard-top layer whilst still breaking up the clods and leaving a very level finish that the farmer can be extremely happy with. The fact that there is some good moisture underneath does not worry with the Diskomat either and it is able to work through without blocking up.

Staff from Serafin Machinery can say how easy is the Diskomat to setup and operate. Everyone is very impressed and they are all very excited about the future of Farmet in Australia.

Rodney Dunn, Serafin Machinery

W: www.serafinmachinery.com.au
A: Farm 243, Burley Griffin Road,
Yoogali NSW 2680

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