Excellent poppy seeds stands II

29. 6. 2020
Agro company Agrosem Stezery sowed poppy seeds with their new seed drill Falcon PRO Fert 2nd generation, which they decides to buy having a great experience of six years with Falcon PRO 1st generation they have. Agrosem Stezery specialized in growing of poppy seeds and it is main production for them.
Excellent poppy seeds stands II

Poppy seeds needs very well cultivated soil. That is why the field were cultivated vy presowing cultivator Farmet Kompaktomat which is together with other ten machines of Farmet working in this company. Subsequently, sowing was done by new Falcon PRO Fert 2nd generation. New generation of seed drill is equiped by new rollers dosing meters and section control with automatic switching of 48 seed coulters in 16 sections. The poppy seed dose was 1.8 kg / ha.

  1. Two-rows disc pre-preprocessing section for perfect seedbed preparation.
  2. Single-disc seeding coulters for fertilizer application.
  3. Radial low-pressure tires for perfect soil compaction and capillary savings.
  4. Two-disc sowing coulters with a great friend, the perfect sowing bed and precisely stored seed to your depth.
  5. Integrated cultivators 100% cover the seed and level the soil surface.
  6. 6,000 filter hopper for seeds and fertilizer (60:40).
  7. New generation precision roller dispensers with electric drive and variable dose change.
  8. New system section control system with pneumatically operated flaps enabling comfortable automatic switch of all seed coulters separately.

Although the warm weather did not bring any precipitation until the emergence of the poppy seeds, the stands are excellent. Excellent and balanced germination is due not only to the high-quality Kompaktomat seedbed preparation, but also to the excellent cultivation during sowing, which also includes very even soil compaction with a pneumatic roller and the creation of a seedbed with high-pressure double-disc seed coulters. The low-pressure radial tires of the Falcon PRO Fert seed compactor ensure excellent soil compaction, which is necessary to restore capillarity and ensure that soil moisture rises even in very dry periods. Also helps the sufficient weight of the entire seed drill. Thanks to this, the two-disc seed coulters with support wheels ensure a precise sowing depth even at the level of 1–2 cm with a high-quality and evenly compacted seedbed under the seed.

Sowing March 19, 2020

Sowing with the new Falcon PRO Fert + II seed drill of 2nd generation. Falcon PRO seed drills ensures optimal consolidated seedbed, which is a key for even emergence.

Vegetations shortly after emergence on May 8, 2020

Thanks to the even compaction and the perfect seedbed, the vegetation grows evenly, even though it had not rained at all since sowing.

Vegetation 24 June 2020

Compared to other poppies in the area, the stands based on the Farmet technique are, at first glance, very well connected and completely even. The plants are thicker and taller with a large number of poppy heads. Overall, poppy heads are larger and predetermine a good yield.

The design of Farmet Falcon seed drills is fully subject to the agronomic requirements and long-term experience of many customers. This was also confirmed during this year's successful sowing of poppies at Agrosem Stěžery, which provides a precondition for achieving excellent yields.

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