Falcon PRO Tandem – full area seed placement with fertilisation

29. 7. 2020
Last year, „Agro & Kombinát Dolní Žandov company“ purchased a 6 m Falcon PRO Tandem coulter seed drill.
Falcon PRO Tandem – full area seed placement with fertilisation

There were several reasons. For more than 10 years, the company has used sowing with the Farmet Excelent coulter seed drill with full-area seed placement in the soil. This system go down well and provides to the company excellent yields and quality for cereals as well as for winter rape, peas, beans and other crops.

The were other requirement to fertilize granular fertilizers directly with seeds and Falcon PRO Tandem has offered an excellent solution or this regard. Another requirement was to have machine with stable construction ensuring not only easy sowing on area of ​​over 3,000 ha but also be able to do long transportation on roads up to a distance of over 40 km. Falcon PRO Tandem also meets these requirements and has European homologation for operation on roads. The large low-pressure radial tires of the compaction and transport roller are very durable and ensure both a reliable movement on the road at high speed and quality work in the difficult soil conditions that the company works in.

Seeds placed in strips with fertiliser under the seed Seeds and fertiliser placed all over the area

On one hand very heavy soil, on the other hand very light and sandy soil. The main part of land is very stony. The high performance of the Falcon PRO Tandem is support by the large 6000 l seed and fertiliser hopper. Together with powerful Massey Ferguson tractor, the combination achieves high working speed and high daily performance.

According to the customer's requirements, the Falcon PRO Tandem can be equipped with full area seeding coulters with fertiliser application or strip till section with fertilisation application under the seed.

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