New Softer 1250 PRO

21. 7. 2020
After demanding two years testing, the new Softer 1250 PRO disc cultivators are coming to the market. Wide-width machines with working width of 12.5 meters are designed for large companies with tractors with of 500-650 hp power. The working width of 12.5 meters is also advantageous for single tramlines (CTF) with a 12 meter module.
New Softer 1250 PRO

The demanding development has set itself high goals from the very beginning. On the one hand, to create machines with a large working width that can be easily hydraulically folded into transport dimensions - 3 m wide and 4 m high, suitable for transport on roads and meeting the requirements of European homologation. In addition, they also meet the requirements for operational stability with high quality work even in difficult conditions and with high resistance to clogging. Last but not least, we also offer exchangeable front tools in the form of Flexiboard leveling bars or Flexicut cutting rollers. In the end, we were able to combine all this into a compact functional unit and subject it to extensive verification tests in many agricultural companies, in many different soil conditions and after many different pre-crops. However, the demanding two-year testing has paid off and Farmet can now offer an operationally proven, very reliable machine with a significantly wide and versatile use.

Very important during testing was placed not only on hard summer conditions after the cereal harvest, but also on working in very humid conditions in late autumn and resistance to clogging of plant residues and sticking with moist soil. New disc units with tines of innovative shape and geometry are available on the machine, ensuring higher throughput even at low frame heights. Thanks to this, you can be folded to compact transport dimensions, but you can have good properties in difficult operating conditions.

Main advantages of the machine Softer 1250 PRO:

  • working width of 12.5 m (optimal for CTF)
  • hydraulic folding into a transport width of 3m and height of 4m
  • brakes and approval for road traffic all over EU
  • discs with a diameter of 510 mm with edge along the entire circumference and an aggressive angle for excellent soil penetration
  • working depth of 3 -12cm, all-area undercutting
  • possibility to use non-serrated discs for full-area undercut in shallow depth from 3 cm
  • symmetric disc arrangement – compensation of side forces and elimination of side slipping
  • special hooked tines, considerably increasing crop residue throughput
  • individual release force of each disc unit with special rubber elements with high down pressure force
  • hydraulic setting of the depth from the tractor cabin
  • simple or double rear compacting rollers
  • 5 working sections and 6 supporting wheels for great surface copying
  • front optional tools - a cutting roller Flexicut or Flexiboard leveller
  • optional extension of the hydraulic circuits using the Hydrotronic system
  • hydraulic locking and pulling frames in during transport
  • short machine design - compact dimensions and quickness of the machine in the field
  • low weight (13,000kg) using high-strength steel
  • high working speed of up to 15km/h, output of up to 17ha/h
  • low fuel consumption at 4-6 l/ha
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