Perfect sugar beet after Kompaktomat seedbed preparation

23. 6. 2020
This spring, they started to work with Kompaktomat K 700 at the Lhota pod Hořičkami, which belongs to ZD Dolany. Kompaktomat processed soil for sowing of sugar beet.
Perfect sugar beet after Kompaktomat seedbed preparation

The field was deep cultivated at the autumn with a Digger deep cultivator from Farmet set to working depth of 45 cm. Mr. Zeleny, who operates Kompaktomat, especially appreciates the hydraulic board and the hydro setting of depth. The operator can react immediately and easily to the quality of the tillage through the hydraulic circuits from the tractor cab.

The compact machine was aggregated with 210 HP tractor. The technology of basic processing of pre-sowing preparation in Lhota was chosen by the first ride to a depth of 4 cm with a working speed of 10 km / h. The second ride was set up to depth of 2 cm with a working speed of 13 km / h.

While field processing there was used navigation with ride one by one. This way is ensured optimal consolidation of headlands, faster turning and there are no repeating crossing of already finished places.

This year's very dry period was not favorable for good plant emergence. For sowing sensitive sugar beet, it is necessary to have a very well-prepared seedbed, and this has been achieved on land processed by Kompaktomat. In the attached pictures you can see a balanced growth, very well established with well involved strong individuals of sugar beet plants.

Vladimír Mertlík

Photos from crops 16. 6. 2020

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