Successful continuation of cooperation with the family farm

20. 7. 2020
The family farm has been successfully using the Kompaktomat K 600 PS pre-sowing combiner in pre-sowing preparation for almost 20 years.
Successful continuation of cooperation with the family farm

As spring and summer extremes have often occurred in recent years, the farmers are considering to buy another machines from Farmet's portfolio. They have experience with several Farmet machines. This year, they were most interested in the spring preparation with cultivator Verso 6 PS and subsequently sowing cereals to the prepared soil sowing the Monsun ME 600 seed drill, which they have been talking about very seriously for two years.

The demonstration of both machines took place on a nice sunny day, which followed several days of rainy weather. Cultivator Verso 6 PS machine easily prepared the upper moist soil profile to a depth of approximatelly 7-8 cm, which was plowed at the beginning of spring. The soil was evenly processed in the entire profile of the machine by only one pass, which was ideal for the planned subsequent sowing with the Monsun ME 600 machine.

Monsun is a light, reliable mounted seed drill with easy headland turns, great for farmers such as family farms and smaller businesses. In this case, spring wheat was sown to a depth of 2-3 cm with a sowing dose of 210 kg / ha. There were used John Deere tractors in both cases, specifically with Verso 6 PS tractor of power 175 hp and with Monsun ME 600 tractor of power 195 hp. The farmers liked both of these machines very much, and due to their current needs and financial possibilities, they decided to keep the seed drill directly on their farm. At present, they have sown more than 40 ha with this seed drill.

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