Terrix quattro 600 PS for full-area deep loosening

23. 7. 2020
The completely new four row cultivator Terrix Quattro 600 PS was delivered for Spring season 2020 to Agro & Kombinát Dolní Žandov. This cultivator provides full-area intensive soil cultivation into the depth up to 35 cm.
Terrix quattro 600 PS for full-area deep loosening

Chisels placed in 4 rows have the final spacing 20 cm and they perfectly loosen the soil in all area in the set depth.

The typical depth of soil cultivation in Dolní Žandov is 20-25 cm. The machine is aggregated with Class Xerion tractor with a performance 500 hp and it must cultivate more than 3000 hectares per year. The machine has very high plant residues trash flow thanks to the large chisels spacing in one row of 80 cm and the high frame clearance of 85 cm. Therefor it is suitable for all soil cultivation after all crops.

Cultivating chisels have a nonstop spring lock with high unlocking force of 500 kg thanks to two strong springs on each chisel. Cultivator Terrix quattro mixes well plant residues and loosens the soil very properly with very low clods proportion. Each rear double roller of type U ring with the diameter of 680 mm cares of intensive soil reconsolidation. Thanks to it the soil is perfectly compacted and the soil capillarity is immediately restored, ensuring soil moisture rising to the soil surface.

Thanks to European homologation for traffic on roads the cultivator can be quickly and safely transported over long distances, which reach up over 40 km in Agro & Kombinát Dolní Žandov.

They use the cultivator together with sowing machine Falcon 6 PRO Tandem in Dolní Žandov when they sow immediately after soil loosening. This way is highly effective and ensures excellent yields, quality and economic results in the field of crop production.

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