Kompaktomat is machine for vegetables soil tillage

24. 8. 2020
Pre-sowing combinator, the most ideal machine for quality pre-sowing preparation, Farmet Kompaktomat is not only for large farms. It also has customers among smaller farmers and vegetable growers.
Kompaktomat is machine for vegetables soil tillage

Mr. Zálabák grows vegetables in the Mělník region. He does not use herbicides in weed control, he destroys weeds mechanically. He supplies cultivated vegetables to schools and farmers' markets. He owns and manages several types of land, soil. Last year he has been preparing his fields for onions, garlic, cabbage, pumpkin and potatoes with a new Farmet pre-sowing cultivator.

Since last year, he has been working with the Farmet Kompaktomat K 300 N. This mounted 3-meter machine, in conjunction with a 97 HP Massey Ferguson 5445 tractor, is preparing the ground for growing vegetables. We were invited to film the processing of land that had already fallen after the autumn plowing. He applied granulated fertilizer to the plowed land, which he incorporated with Kompaktomat. The processing depth was set to 6 cm at a working speed of 10 km / h. The Kompaktomat has Mr. Zálabák equipped with a hydraulic levellers, so it can easily and smoothly control the adjustment of the levellers height from the tractor cab. The share working section of the Kompaktomat is equipped with arrow shares 25 cm wide in two rows and each row is secured by a leaf spring. The field after the vegetables, without major plant residues, will process so well. Behind the shares there is another smoothing harrow and is followed by crosskill rollers added by a finishing roller for the final crushing of clods.

The compactomat machine prepares a perfectly compacted seedbed with a finely shredded and leveled surface in one pass. In this case, you can really say "field as a garden" directly intended for growing vegetables. So a well-compacted seedbed to restore soil capillarity and intense water given to the seed. In this way, it is possible to ensure good plant grow even in the drier period.

Kompaktomat is also used during the season to loosen and remove weeds in pumpkin growth. The pumpkin is grown at a row spacing of 3.4 meters and it loosen with a 3-meter Kompaktomat machine during the growing season.

  1. Hydraulically operated front smoothing harrow
  2. Bar roller
  3. Share working section
  4. Central smoothing harrow
  5. Bar roller
  6. Finish roller

Pumpkins from June 29, 2020

The inter-row space between the pumpkins is loosen by Kompaktomat during the vegetation.

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