Kompaktomat - reliable pre-sowing preparation

17. 8. 2020
Last year, at the center Hořičky belonging to ZD Dolany resumed pre-sowing preparation by using the Kompaktomat K 700 PS pre-sowing cultivator from Farmet.
Kompaktomat - reliable pre-sowing preparation

Until now, they had used a pre-sowing 6 meters cultivator of a competing brand, so that the operator, used to a different control system, became acquainted with a different way of setting up the machine. After driving the first few hectares, we asked the operator of the machine - Mr. Borůvka, how works with Kompaktomat and for the first impression of the machine. Mr. Borůvka, who rides the machine, was able to control the machine from the first minute.  Among the advantages of the Farmet compactor, it was easy to set up and adjust. He also appreciated the composition of the Kompaktomat from three working parts compared to the previous machine, which, according to him, better copy and level the soil.

With the previous machine, it happened to him that the hidden stone could throw one section at another. The biggest benefits, which he mentioned several times, are the hydraulic control of the front smoothing harrow and the hydraulic depth adjustment directly from the tractor. Both make very easy working with Kompaktomat. The operator can react quickly to specific conditions.

They use a compact machine in the Hořičky center to finalize pre-sowing preparation. At the earliest after the winter, they cultivate the soil twice with harrows. The soil is already naturally depleted during this time. This is followed by widespread application of the granular fertilizer. Finally, the Kompaktomat with a working depth of 4 cm and a speed of 12–13 km/h inserts fertilizer and prepares a seedbed for spring.

Vladimír Mertlík

Photographs of plants from 16 June 2020

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