Strip sowing for great rape yield

12. 8. 2020
Winter rape sowing is full swing and many customers use a strip sowing system with deeper chisel loosening of root zone in one operation.
Strip sowing for great rape yield

Modular sowing machine Falcon enables easy replacement of the front pre-sowing section and side movement of rear section for sowing to loosened strips. Front three row chisel sections with spacing 250 or 300 mm enables soil loosening into depth up to 20 cm. There is also placed granular fertilizer in the case of machines with fertilization. The fertilizer can be placed into 2 horizons. The rear sowing section can be easily moved to the left by half spacing of row for strip sowing and the seed is placed into loosened stripes by sowing with only even coulters. The final row spacing is 250 or 300 mm then. It is optimal spacing for achieving ideal seed density in a row by sowing 25–50 grains on 1m2. Thanks to this, plants are evenly placed with minimal competition in a row.

Deep loosening by narrow chisels (only 20 mm) during strip sowing has low energy consumption and at the same time ensures optimal soil structure creation for placing rape seed and its future root system. Based on many years of experience, this method of plant establishment is a prerequisite for great yields achieving and great yields stability in years with extreme weather such as heavy rainfalls or severe drought. Saving of time, fuel and also costs of fertilizer due to its higher use are very significant.

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