Strip-till technology in Ukraine brings results

In the spring of this year, the first Falcon HW tank wagon in aggregation with the Strip-till machine was delivered to Ukraine. Successful commissioning made it possible to establish quality crops with the assumption of an excellent yield.

The Farmet Strip-till machine was developed 4 years ago and has been tested for a long time in cooperation with scientists from the Czech University of Agriculture and the Research Institute of Plant Production. The machine offers a unique technology of strip tillage thanks to a patented solution of cultivating units and double pointed rollers. Thanks to this concept, the soil is excellently worked without the formation of clods and ideal conditions are created for the subsequent placement of seeds. The fertilizer application system ensures the application of fertilizers to two horizons. Ideal for maximum use of plant roots. Thus performed strip tillage with fertilizer application is a promise of excellent yields even in dry years. The fertilizer is better utilized and the fertilizer dose can be reduced.

The Falcon HW is a large-volume hopper for large companies that specialize in incorporating fertilizers into the soil. This advanced technology is the key to economic efficiency in crop production and reducing the burden on the environment. The tank wagon Falcon HW can be aggregated with a wide range of mounted and semi-mounted cultivators with fertilizer distribution.

It is equipped with a 6000 l steel tank with a corrosion-resistant finish. The hopper is divided into two tanks with independently controlled hydraulically driven screw feeders. The powerful pneumatic fertilizer transport system uses an overpressure system with an overpressure of up to 5 kPa. This allows a very wide range of dosing and working speeds. The wide service footbridge and large hopper filling necks ensure fast and safe filling, increasing work efficiency and operator comfort. The entire technical solution of the Falcon HW is focused on maximum comfort and performance. It also includes fully electronic dosing control with control of all key functions during work from the German company Müller Elektronik. This system is fully ISOBUS compatible and can be easily connected to the tractor monitor. There is also a system for variable dosing according to application maps automatically controlled by GPS navigation.

Sunflower growth July 1, 2020

Maize stand July 1, 2020

Sunflower growth July 24, 2020

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