Wide selection of tillage machines after harvest

28. 8. 2020
One of the most important post-harvest operations is fast and high-quality stubble cultivation of the land. By this operation, we will interrupt the water rise and reduce its evaporation, improve the infiltration of rainfall, mix post-harvest residues and ensure better conditions for the emergence of weeds. Stubble cultivation will make easier the subsequent tillage.
Wide selection of tillage machines after harvest

Farmet a.s. from Česká Skalice has in its production program a wide range of machines for tillage after harvest. The production program includes chisel, disc or combined cultivators. Chisel cultivators are manufactured under the trade names DUOLENT, TRIOLENT, TERRIX, FANTOM, disc SOFTER, DISKOMAT and combined TRITON.


DUOLENT / TRIOLENT chisel cultivators are suitable for full-area cultivation with an intensive mixing effect. The soil is cultivated by loosening from 6 cm up to 35 cm. The cultivators are equipped with two or three rows of work tools with force spring and share spacing of 290/420 mm. This ensures high-quality loosening of the soil and incorporation of plant residues with a relatively low tensile resistance of the machine. Seeding coulters are followed by holding discs and a rear roller to ensure soil reconsolidation, clods crumbling and leveling the surface. Cultivation up to a depth of 20 cm, the shares can be equipped with wings for full-area undercutting.

Stubble cultivation catch crops sowing

Stubble cultivation catch crops sowing after rape harvest


The TERRIX four-row chisel cultivator has a very wide range of uses, from shallow cultivation (about 6 cm) to deep cultivation (up to 35 cm). The cultivator is equipped with four rows of work tools with force spring and a spacing of 84 cm in one row, which are placed against each other. Setting chisel spacing (21 cm) ensures intensive full-area loosening of the soil in the entire working width.

The TERRIX DUAL chisel cultivator has working tools in a tandem arrangement. The soil cultivation is made constinuously, which significantly improves the quality of loosening and reduces the tensile resistance of the machine. The leveling discs are located behind the second and fourth rows of chisels. The rear rollers ensure soil compaction and clods crumbling.

Terrix Dual - incorporation of tough stubble energy rye

Terrix - deep stubble cultivation


FANTOM chisel cultivator is especially suitable for full-area stubble cultivation after harvest with fine loosening from 4 to 15 cm and an intensive mixing effect. FANTOM cultivators are equipped with three to five rows of working tools with force spring and a spacing of 190 mm, depending on the type of machine (NS, CLASSIC, PRO). With the five-row arrangement of the FANTOM PRO cultivator, excellent frame cleareance for easy throuhput plant residues and minimal clogging of the machine is achieved. Behind the working coulters are leveling discs and rollers. The rollers in the PRO version are attached to the machine by means of a parallelogram, which enables perfect copying of the terrain. In addition, this arrangement allows the roller to be replaced or completely disconnected in adverse conditions.

Fantom 1250 PRO working width 12,5 m and performance up to 15 ha/h

Fantom 470 NS


SOFTER disc cultivator is designed for full-area tillage after harvest with a working depth of 4 cm to 12 cm. The main advantages of the SOFTER cultivator is a compact design with individually placed disc units, which, in addition to the basic angle to the drive direction, also have a significant angle of deviation from the vertical axis. This solution provides the cultivator easy penetration into the soil even in difficult conditions, full-area undercutting, high-quality clods crumbling and an excellent leveling effect. The machine is equipped with discs 510 or 560 mm in diameter placed out of centre, bladed all around the disc. The discs are placed in two rows with a spacing of 24 cm, which ensures good permeability of plant residues. Cylinders are located behind the discs.

Softer - optimal machine for quick stubble cultivation

Softer 6 NS with slurry applicator

The mounted version of the SOFTER cultivator can be used with a slurry applicator. The cultivator is equipped by a SYNCULT distributor head. In this case, it is possible to apply and incorporate the slurry during one operation.


The DISKOMAT disc cultivator is suitable for stubble cultivation with intensive stubble mixing. The machine ensures loosening of the soil from 5 cm to 18 cm with a perfect soil undercut in which a large amount of organic matter is incorporated, such as corn, catch crops or high amount of weeds. The cultivator is equipped with serrated discs bladed allaround with a diameter of 620 mm, placed in two rows on heavy tine with force spring. Behind each row of discs there is a deflector, which increases the clods crumbling and incorporation of plant residues, the rear reconsolidation finished by the rear rollers.

Diskomat 8 PS

Diskomat 3 N


TRITON combines the advantages of disc and chisel cultivators in one operation. Their advantage is the efficient cutting and mixing of plant residues into the cultivated soil. Deep zone loosening of the soil ensures excellent water infiltration. TRITON is equipped with two rows of discs with a diameter of 510 or 560 mm with maintenance-free overload protection. The discs cultivate the soil to a depth of 3 to 12 cm and mix the plant residues perfectly. The working depth of the discs can be changed continuously from the tractor cabin. Behind the discs, there are two rows of chisels with a spacing of 420 mm, which cultivated in zones the soil from 5 to 35 cm. This way we can ensures good water infiltration into the soil. Then follow the leveling discs and the rear rollers.

Triton 450 PS catch crops incorporation

Triton 6 PS stubble cereal incorpration

The cultivators can be mounted or semi-mounted, from a width of 2.1 m (DUOLENT DX 210 N) to a working width of 12.25 m (SOFTER 12.5 PS) and there is a choice of a wide range of rear rollers and accessories, according to soil conditions and customer requirements.

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