Effective Soybean Processing - Happy customer story

7. 9. 2020
We would like to share with you this way the article of our happy customer in Russia, company Agrocomplex im. N.I. Tkacheva (“Vyselkovskiy”), Krasnodar region. This is one of the largest agroholdings in Russia and a major processor of agricultural commodities.
Effective Soybean Processing - Happy customer story

This agroholding with tradition of more than 25 years, nowadays encompasses more than 40 companies in various branches of agricultural production, employs more than 37 thousands workers and manages more than 625 thousand hectares of fields. Long term, it has been among the Top 5 agricultural enterprises in Russia and it serves as a model for most other companies with similar focus. Therefore, its decision to install our technology for soybean processing is a good promise for future realizations of similar projects.

This customer has decided to go the “organic” way and utilize our HEXANE FREE technology, following the principles of horizontal agriculture. Thanks to its own soybean production and own utilization of both soya cake and oil it perfectly fits into the modern concept of local processing of commodities, which is a principle of sustainable horizontal agriculture.

The main advantage of the HEXANE FREE soybean processing technology is, that there is full control over quality of pressing cake produced. The technology enables optimizing of nutritional parameters of cake in order to achieve the highest possible utilization of nutrients. It is possible to influence rate of protein dissolution in the digestive tract of livestock by tuning the process parameters of the technology. Higher thermal exposition results in obtaining the bypass effect in protein, making it protected from digestion by rumen organisms of ruminants. On the contrary, lower thermal exposition in the process of extruder pressing leaves protein more accessible, which is an advantage for feeding monogastres (pigs, poultry, fish).

Another indisputable advantage of Farmet’s HEXANE FREE is energy savings thanks to a patented advanced recuperation system RECU that saves 15 - 40 kWh / t depending on the recuperation variant.

By utilization of the state-of-the-art soybean processing technology, i.e. extrusion + pressing (EP1) with heat recovery, the customer gets the most efficient technology on the market. This technology then provides him with an unique competitive advantage in its business.

We are happy to have the opportunity to share with you this success, which confirms our vision of modern horizontal agriculture, utilizing the latest technologies in the upmost environmentally-friendly variant.

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