Fantom also into extreme conditions

21. 9. 2020
On the banks of the Opava River in the area of the village of Děhylova, the RENO FARMY group farms in extremely wet conditions. High groundwater levels make timely tillage unpleasant and sometimes impossible. Especially this year, when the summer in northern Moravia was very rainy with torrential rains and a number of flood events.
Fantom also into extreme conditions

In such conditions, large puddles appear in the field in places. Fantom 800 PRO with a working width of 8 m when loosening to a depth of up to 15 cm coped very well with heavy waterlogged terrain.

The CASE QUADTRAC + FARMET FANTOM 800 PRO set, equipped with chisels without wings and an SDR roller, satisfactorily worked the soil even in places with standing water without clogging. It is confirmed that SDR (disc) rollers are very resistant even in extremely wet conditions. According to the operator - no other machine in the company would be able to do this work - despite the enormous mud - the roller did not need to be dismount, there was no clogging - it is one ball of mud - but the machine does not stop.

Fantom PRO is a very versatile and variable cultivator with intensive mixing. It is designed especially for stubble and loosening up to 15 cm. The big advantage is the possibility of working without the rear roller, or the contrary with optional pressure of the roller. Furthermore, quick-release systems of working bodies and rollers. The customer can choose a working width from 6.5 m to 12.5 m. All machine control is performed by the operator directly from the comfort of the driver's cab.

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