Fantom is the star performer in the UK

11. 9. 2020
Since J Brock & Sons brought Farmet to the UK market in 2015. The Fantom PRO cultivator has proved to be one of the most popular and important machines of the Farmet range.
Fantom is the star performer in the UK

Versatility has been the key with its ability to cultivate from 5 cm to 15cm in a wide range of soil types and conditions, from heavy clay soils to sandy loams, from direct into the stubble to following the plough and whether its hard and dry or damp and sticky the Fantom PRO still performs.

Another excellent feature that really appeals to the UK customers is the option to easily remove the rear packers completely in damp conditions.

The first Fantom Pro sold in the UK was a 1250 model and was sold to AWT farm services, a large contactor in the east of the UK. It’s now working its 5th season and this machine has now covered over 8,000 hectares. They like the machine because of its versatility, high output and has the build quality to cope with the particularly heavy soils in the area.



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