Matching Fantom and Falcon

17. 9. 2020
This spring, they bought a Fantom 800 PRO chisel cultivator and a Falcon SW modular seed drill at Agroland Štěpánkovice. The company, which manages 1 150 ha of agricultural land in the Opava district, Czech Republic has thus secured a reliable technology for tillage and sowing since the spring season.
Matching Fantom and Falcon

In the spring, they planted corn after processing the land with a Fantom 800 PRO towed by a Challenger tractor. In the cultivation of the soil for corn, they used classic chisels, but in other operations they also tried the exchange for chisels with wings. The quick-release system allows the chisels to be easily replaced, in addition they are secured by a spring with a release force of 310 kg. Fantom levels the surface of the land and the chisels, which are placed in five rows, loosen the land.

The August sowing of rape seed with Falcon SW was realized after seedbed preparation with the Kompaktomat Farmet presowing compactor. This was done in one day Falcon SW seed drill with Fendt tractor drove right behind Kompaktomat. Falcon SW is a modular seed drill with a light hopper with a volume of 4,000 liters. Allows selection of front and rear sections. In this case, the tractor wheels cultivators were located at the front, and the seeding section of narrow row crops was located at the rear.

The advantage of the machine is the rear three-point hitch, to which any section can be connected. Wide-width sowing section for sowing narrow row crops, strip-till section or precision sowing with Impact NS.

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