New Softer in the Poltava region, Ukraine

7. 9. 2020
One of the many sold Softer stubble cultivators working in Ukrainian fields is another 8-meter reliable and productive help to a Ukrainian farmer.
New Softer in the Poltava region, Ukraine

The agricultural company "Natali" of the Čutkov region in Poltava region, Ukraine after careful selection, bought a Softer disc stubble cultivator with a double tubular roller. So they became the other owner of a very popular machine in Ukraine.

Already while choosing the machine, Softer met all the requires that the company expected from the new stubble cultivator and thus defeated competitive offers. Now they make full use of the machine in the current season and the preparation of land for sowing winter crops after this year's harvest. Softer has already prepared hundreds of hectares in the Poltava region.

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