Implementation of the DEGUMMING Technology - Slovakia

15. 10. 2020
In August 2020, a new technology of degumming was successfully commissioned to our long-term client in Slovakia. The capacity of the line is up to 60 tons of crude oil per day.
Implementation of the DEGUMMING Technology - Slovakia

His main activity is production of soy oil and cake, while he is the largest crusher and distributor of GMO-free soy products in Slovakia. The newly supplied technology will be used for processing of soy oil, which is produced by extruder-pressing, a HEXANE-FREE technology.

Degumming is the first procedure in processing of vegetable oils after pressing and filtration. Using a tiny quantity of additive, features of non-hydratable phospholipids change so they can be hydrated in the next step and removed by centrifugation. Should these phospholipids stay in oil, they would form sludge in storage tanks and cause problems at transport and storage. Their presence in the oil is undesirable because of their sticking to hot surfaces (above 130 °C) as well.

Our cooperation with the client in Slovakia certainly does not end with this implementation of degumming. We together go on in implementation of the remaining procedures of vegetable oil refining, specifically bleaching and deacidification. This way, the client will get a complex technology of purely physical refining of the best parameters.

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