The Falcon was a clear choice for sowing

25. 9. 2020
Bulgarian agriculture company „Agroiv“ which is operating in the rocky area near the border with Romania, has been using the Falcon 6 PRO seed drill for third season. The cooperation with the Farmet started with the purchase of the first machine many years ago. Agroiv owns several Farmet machines. Alongside to the Falcon are Kompaktomat and two Triolents which have worked hundreds of hectares for this company.
The Falcon was a clear choice for sowing

According to the owner and director of the company Miroslav Hanchev, the company bought the Falcon 6 PRO seed drill after careful considering the other seed drills, evaluated the offers and demonstrations of machines work. Falcon was a clear candidate as a quality processing machine and enable to work in all conditions. The area where the company operates is located on the „yellow” soils typical for this part of the country. These soils are not heavy, rather lighter and sandy.

The company director told us that work speed is great importance when you working on the field. “We are sowing 40-50 ha per day for 8-9 hours. The simplicity of the setting also plays a significant role. We appreciate the calibration of the machine where we simply renew sowing norms at the start of the season, which we set up at the beginning. The section control, when no seed flows into the seed coulter is an important feature of the machine. We can´t no longer imagine sowing without it. So far, we have had no problem with the machine and it works flawlessly”, said the director and owner of the company.


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