Another Diskomat disk harrow in Agro Vyšehořovice

15. 9. 2020
The Agro Vyšehořovice farm, managing 1530 ha of land has bet for the second time on a Diskomat which they chose in the largest working width. Just like with the first Diskomat they have been using successfully for several years they bet on a proven semi mounted version with 8 meters of working width.
Another Diskomat disk harrow in Agro Vyšehořovice

The first Diskomat is equipped with rear double row tire packing system. This system has the advantage of work in two settings where both small and large tires can work at the same time or the rear small tire roller can be easily disengaged for the Diskomat to leave a deeper structure. Another advantage of this solution is the fact that the transport wheels are integrated within this roller and the machine despite its size feels compact.

The executive director of the farm Zdeněk Šípek also highlighted other properties of our machines. „With Farmet I like and value the fact that when they come up with a concept of a machine they pursue develop and upgrade it further almost to perfection “.During the selection of another machine they knew what they are getting into so there was nothing to discuss. With the first Diskomat they have been pleased that‘s why they bought another Diskomat with the same working width. This time we have chosen different rear packing system namely the double ring roller. It is very versatile roller suitable for all conditions and soil types. It also works very well in wet conditions said the executive director who with these disk harrows values the most their high permeability, excelent mixing effect and perfect incorporation of plant residue. I tis caused mainly by the machine‘s robust construction and high ground clearance of the frame. The disks themseves are 62 cm in diameter which allows them to work up to 18cm of working depth.

New machine also proved itself in tillage for potato growing. The Diskomat very well evens out furrows left after the potato harvesters and incorporates potato stems back to the original profile of the land. Praised Zdeněk Šípek. Pulling power for a Diskomat starts at 350 HP and one machine can process approximately 70 ha of land in a day.

Our older Diskomat went through a slight repair and is ready to go to work in the field at any time. „It depends on a towing device, if we have a tractor available both machines work on the first soil conditioning together. During the autumn work we usually use the newer Diskomat with the ring roller“. Says the executive director.

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