Excellent rape crop thanks to the Falcon

25. 11. 2020
Modularity of the Falcon seed drills enables them to quickly change their front tillage sections.
Excellent rape crop thanks to the Falcon

Special front tine cultivating and fertilizer adding sections

During the rapeseed sowing we recommend using the front three row tine cultivating section with up to 22 cm of working depth in conjunction with fertilizer application straight to the loosened soil zone. The tines are only 20 mm wide which enables them good ground loosening with very low traction resistance and clod making even in difficult soil conditions such as very dry or very wet ground. The fertilizer is being placed directly behind the loosening tines to the working depth bellow roots level. With sufficient working depth is the fertilizer placed deep enough to provide nutrients throughout the whole vegetation period. There is also an optional application tip which allows the 2 zone fertilizer placement. Loosened  zone is very well reconsolidated and optimal ground compaction is achieved thanks to the tire packing system.

Optimal strip width

With front tine loosening zone usage we recommend using only the odd lines of seed coulters for strip width of 25 or 30 cm. This ensures precise seed placement directly to the loosened strips. This strip width is profitable and ensures optimal density of plants in a strip with an average sowing rate of 25 to 50 seeds per square meter. A number of studies have proved the strip width of 25 to 30cm to be the best foundation for the highest yields. Double disk seed coulters place the seed directly to the predefined depth and ensure the optimal ground contact for quick and even germination. An even growth in the beginning enables good agronomic management and high effectivity of the products applied on the plants in the same grow phase.

High daily performance

Use of the Falcon seed drills with the front tine loosening sections can highly reduce the presowing tillage. It enables a no – till sowing as well as sowing into a shallow or moderately conditioned ground. Loosening up to 10 cm seems as an optimal compromise which ensures full-area processing of the ground level and creation of finely loosened soil. Following use of the front tillage section on the sowing machine up to 18 – 22 cm of working depth ensures ideal conditions for future high yields furthermore. The great advantage of using tine cultivating section with sowing machine is in the low energy consumption. For example to power a 6 m working width Falcon with tine section, a tractor with 300-350 HP is sufficient. This assembly provides high daily performance and low fuel consumption around 12l/ha travelling at 10 – 12 km/h of working speed.

Disc sowing machines Falcon 6 PRO Fert+ & pre-processing chisel section for STRIP-TILL technology

  1. Optional pre-processing section.
  2. Tyre-packer.
  3. Optional sowing section.
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