Terrix DUAL, excellent incorporation of grain residues

11. 11. 2020
The Terrix DUAL four-row chisel cultivator in Agrodružstvo KLAS Křičeň confirms its abilities even after grain corn. Its main advantage is the ability to incorporate large amounts of plant residues into the entire soil profile with a low requirement for tensile strength.
Terrix DUAL, excellent incorporation of grain residues

Terrix DUAL has a unique concept of gradual deepening of the cultivated soil. Always two working bodies in a row gradually process the soil to the required depth of up to 35 cm according to the selected type of chisels. On the first row of chisels, it is also possible to add wings for full-area undercutting of the soil.

The tandem arrangement of the working tools

The tandem arrangement of the working tools enables intensive and high quality vertical loosening but also intensive two-stage incorporation of plant residues. This effect is achieved throughout the surface, although the spacing between the working organs is 42 cm. This is also associated with excellent throughput in wet conditions. In extreme wetness and purposefully, in preparation for the springs, they drive without rear rollers due to the preservation of a coarser structure for retaining winter moisture. The quick-release roller-system allows you to react quickly to current conditions.

Stubble incorporation after corn

Another huge advantage is the high-quality levelling of the processed soil. Behind each row of tandem working parts there is a row of levelling discs and in combination with the compacting rear roller the final levelling of the soil is very good.

It is on heavy soils with a large volume of crop residues (after harvest and upright) that the advantages of the Terrix DUAL chisel cultivator stand out. All this with a low demand for tensile force. For example, the Terrix DUAL 600 PS with a working width of 6 m will suffice with a tractor with an output of up to 500 HP.

Fernleaf fiddleneck incorporation

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