Verso - pre-sowing preparation for wet autumn

20. 11. 2020
The Verso chisel cultivator is a machine designed mainly for very early pre-sowing preparation of still wet soil after plowing and stubble in early spring. This year's very wet autumn confirmed its use already in autumn.
Verso - pre-sowing preparation for wet autumn

Many companies practically all over Europe have a problem with timely winter sowing this year. The reason is a very humid autumn with a minimum of opportunities for field work.

An example from the Czech Republic, when after timely pre-sowing preparation with a Kompaktomat pre-sowing cultivator, rain days came, the soil merged and it was necessary to quickly open it again, dry it out and prepare it for sowing.

The Verso cultivator was the solution. Five rows of chisels less than 8 cm apart reopened the soil and aerated to a depth of 5 cm. The next day the sowing took place.

The Verso is not equipped with rollers and is therefore very resistant to clogging in humid conditions. The front and rear Flexi-board skids leveled the soil well. The intensity of processing (working depth of chisels and Flexi-boards) is controlled by the operator directly from the tractor according to the current conditions in the field.

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