Farmet Strip-Till is economical ecological and anti - erosional

4. 12. 2020
The need of maize farming for silage purposes in sloped terrain brigs a risk of water erosion.
Farmet Strip-Till is economical ecological and anti - erosional

Farmet Strip – Till technology brings a solution in form of a strip tillage with optional fertilizer addition which also during this year shows it’s advantages. Even though soil is often very wet and sticky Strip – Till machines work reliably, without clogging and with high quality of loosened strips.

One of the options is a combination with catch crops – greening. For example, when a strip loosening is made with the Farmet Strip – Till machine straight into a grown fiddleneck field with spacing of 70 to 75 cm for future maize rows, with optional addition of a mineral fertilizer added in two depths. The working depth of the machine is 25cm but can reach up to 35 cm.

Despite the fact the back rollers lie down the fiddleneck in between the strips it still grows and vegetates until the first frost when the vegetation period ends. A plant residue covers the field in between strip protecting it against weeds, wind and water erosion as well as against a water evaporation. A cultivated strip with high water absoption protects against water erosion caused by surface water.

In next year March the second strip tillage with the Farmet Strip – Till will follow with fertilizer addition. Cultivated strips will be re loosened and aerated. After two weeks, timely sowing of a maize into matured and warmed up strips  gets planned. Optimaly cultivated strips with plenty of ground water ensure equal germination and dynamic growth of all plants.

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