Softer Working on Almonds Farms in Australia

16. 12. 2020
One of the biggest producers of almonds on the world is Australia.
Softer Working on Almonds Farms in Australia

Almonds are grown on dry and hard fields. Irrigation is necessary and is realized by hoses placed exactly next the almond trees. Soil moisture and water supply is limited. Growing almonds belongs to an emerging industry and doing quite well in Australia.

Farmer from New South Wales plants a winter cereal crops in between his almonds trees to make most of winter rains and the ground between the almond trees. The green winter cereals they graze with sheep or cut and bale it. Once it is finished then they use a speed disc Softer 3,5 N to cut out any weeds and bury stubble over summer, getting it ready to replant in winter again.

Softer proved it is able to penetrate the hard and dry soil by its aggressive angle and roundbladed discs. Working width 3,5 meters is just right for rows between almonds trees.

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