A quarter of century of reliable Kompaktomat work has brought a new Falcon seed drill

25. 1. 2021
Agricultural company Hroby is mainly focused to production of plant and animal products in the eastern part of the Tábor district, Czech Republic. According to the local agronomist Josef Dvořák, the company geographically still belongs to southern Bohemia but it is close to region Vysočina and the soil conditions are very rocky. The agricultural company Hroby farm on very rocky, hilly land and mostly heavier soils. They grow cereals and maize on 800 ha of arable land and have more than 200 ha of meadows and pastures.
A quarter of century of reliable Kompaktomat work has brought a new Falcon seed drill

For more than 26 years, they have had a 6 meters working width Farmet Kompaktomat seedbed cultivator on the farm. As Mr. Dvořák told us, Kompaktomat is used for all seedbed preparation and still does an excellent job. The agronomist also estimated that Kompaktomat has worked more than 13,000 hectares, and predicted that it would serve the company without any problems for at least another 5 years.

In these conditions, the Falcon PRO modular seed drill proved to be very successful. For example they established a spring oat stand with a sowing rate of 220 kg / ha. As well as with Kompaktomat, they appreciate the excellent quality work of this universal seed drill, which promise a long service life even in these stony conditions. Mr. Dvořák also welcomed the possibility of sowing two or more crops and the possibility of the seed drill working without a front pre-processing disc section equipped only with tractor wheel mark cultivators.

Establishment of a spring oat stand

We are pleased to have such long-term customers and wish ZD Hroby a successful harvest and many other hectares done with our lasting machine.

Oat stand after emergence

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