Farmet machines have a long tradition in our company

6. 1. 2021
Agro Vyšehořovice is a company with an area of 1530 ha, farms on land in Prague East. The company owns many Farmet machines.
Farmet machines have a long tradition in our company

Vyšehořovice, Čelákovice, Úvaly and other neighboring villages belong to the beet area located 200 to 220 meters above sea level. The soils here are mostly medium-heavy black soil, but there are also localities with lighter sandy soils. On these plots, Agro Vyšehořovice grows approximately 430 ha of winter wheat, 150 ha of spring barley, the already mentioned 250 ha of winter rape, 160 ha of sugar beet, 200 ha of potatoes, 60 ha of poppy seed and 50 ha of grain corn. Hand in hand with crop production is also animal production focusing on the production of milk from a 350-headed of Holstein cows, so the composition of cultivated crops includes 100 ha of silage corn, 120 ha of lucerne and 12 ha of permanent grassland. The company also specializes in growing vegetables, such as 25 hectares of winter onions. For this purpose, they have approximately 100 ha of watered land in Vyšehořovice.

"Farmet machines have a long tradition in our company. For so long, "as Executive Director Zdeněk Šípek adds with a laugh," I can't even count it back. We started with Kompaktomat with a reach of 7 m. We own a "grandfather's" share cultivator Hurricane and then we bought the first large disk cultivator Diskomat. Regarding the working width, we chose the largest, widest variant, 8 m in a semi-mounted version, with a rear double tire packer. This roller has the advantage that it can work in two settings. Both large tire wheels and small tire wheels can work actively, or the rear small tire roller can be easily taken out of service, when the Diskomat leaving a coarser structure. Another advantage of this solution is that the transport wheels are integrated into this roller, and the machine, despite its size, looks very compact. ”Mr. Šípek also highlighted another feature of our machines:“ I like Farmet and appreciate that if they have any concept of the machine, so they continue to focus on it. They do not close it by the fact that the machine is finished and something new is being developed. They continue to work on this machine, constantly improving it. A huge advance to almost absolute perfection can be seen on the machine. And that is why we have again decided on tried and tested Farmet machines in pre-sowing preparation.

In pre-sowing preparation, we again reached for the Kompaktomat with a ten-meter working width. We use Kompaktomat both classic after ploughing in conventional technologies and in minimization technologies less suitable for Kompaktomat. However, we pay attention to the correct incorporation of plant residues, and Kompaktomat therefore works very well. In the spring, the pre-sowing cultivators process the soil with a standard equipment, with front and rear bar roller. We connect crosskill crumbling rollers under the rape and for autumn work on the integrated rear three-point hitch for even more intensive crushing of clods.”

Before I could breathe, Mr. Šípek talked about the latest addition from the Farmet brand, another Diskomat stubble cultivator. "Yes, we knew what we were getting into, so there was nothing to deal with. We were and are still satisfied with the first Diskomat, so we bought a Diskomat disc cultivator with the same working width of 8 m again. This time we chose a different rear roller, namely a double ring. It is a very versatile roller suitable for all conditions and for all soil types. It works very well in humid conditions. What I appreciate most about Diskomat it is their high throughput and excellent mixing effect and perfect incorporation of plant residues. Furthermore, this machine is good for us after potatoes. The disk machine perfectly make a good levelling of the land after potato harvesters and spreading well the potato stem into the soil profile. The towing vehicle for the Diskomat is from 350 HP and one machine processes approximately 70 ha per day. We made the older first Diskomat a slight refurbishment and is always ready to go to the field. It depends on the towing vehicle. When we have a spare tractor, both machines are going to classical stubble-breaking after harvest in the spring, and we usually use the newer Diskomat with a ring roller for autumn work.”

I am very glad that Agro Vyšehořovice relies on our machines for basic tillage and pre-sowing preparation. I am pleased that our brand is well represented in the company and I believe that the "farmet family" will continue to grow here in the company.

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