Farmet technology for extreme conditions

22. 12. 2020
The very humid autumn did not allow corn to be harvested for grain in time, even in warmer regions. The harvesters were stucked in mud. The season was saved by the combined disc-chisel cultivator Farmet Triton 450 PS (4.5 m working width) in a technological line with a modular seed drill Falcon 6 PRO.
Farmet technology for extreme conditions

Fortunately, the warmer December enabled basic tillage and, most importantly, the incorporation of bulky straw after grain corn into the entire soil profile. The front disc section partially broke and cut the tough straw, but mainly mixed with the surface layer of soil to a depth of 8-10 cm. On the other hand, the chisel section intensively and vertically loosened the pre-processed soil, including the straw, by incorporating the straw into the profile to a depth of 25–30 cm. In such difficult conditions, it was not possible and even not desirable to processed the soil to the maximum depth. Triton 450 PS is known for its quality diagonal and longitudinal leveling of the soil. One of the proven rollers is the VR roller, which consolidates the soil and clods and at the same time is resistant to packing.

Combined cultivator Triton 450 PS

Thanks to this, it was possible to use the Falcon 6 PRO seed drill (6 m working width) immediately after the Triton cultivator. The Falcon 6 PRO was equipped with a front disc pre-processing section with Flexiboard, which only loosened the surface of the soil, the pneumatic roller (composed of low-pressure flocculation tires) consolidates the soil in front of the seed coulters, which were set to a light pressure. The vegetation was successfully established, now nature's clemency is still needed.

Falcon 6 PRO modular seed drill
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