Triton beat the expectations

23. 2. 2021
My name is Thomas. I farm in the Kaunass region in Lithuania. I would like to share my experience withTriton 450 PS combination cultivator with you. We worked on very moist land with a large amount of straw with Triton and it did it very well.
Triton beat the expectations

I was not a supporter of combined cultivators. I thought that a combination cultivator could not do quality work in the field precisely because it combines discs and chisels. For me, such a machine is a compromise between harrows and cultivators.

However, when the opportunity came to try the Triton 450 PS cultivator from Farmet, I was very pleasantly surprised and changed my mind. The machine works great. It handles land very well and does not create any bumps, as we have been used to with other brands of similar machines. I was pleased that we were able to convince ourselves directly that this was not the case. I really appreciate the large diameter of the roller which does not clog at all.

Another great technical solution on the machine is the distance between the chisels. The distance is quite wide, so I was afraid it was wrong and the machine would not be able to incorporate the plant residues and mix them well. However, the chisels are placed very smart. Even at a lower speed the cultivator incorporates the straw very well. We worked with the machine in very wet conditions, so we drove at a speed of 12 km per hour and set the working depth to 20 cm. The result was amazing. I am sure that in optimal conditions the machine will achieve even better results. And if we tillage the field second time with Triton, it would look like it was processed by a plow and a presowing combinator. We have very clay soils, in this case I would recommend to choose a tractor with higher power. We had Trtion aggregated with a 400 hp tractor.

My opinion on the combined cultivator Triton is very positive. I definitely recommend Triton to my friends. Everyone who has had the opportunity to see the work of the machine confirms that the machine is excellent and its work is perfect.

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