Softer 12 PSW quick and easy stubble cultivation

7. 4. 2021
A dry land farmer near Griffith, Australia was looking for an efficient way to cut and size his stubble left over from the previous harvest whilst leaving the paddock ready to sow for the upcoming winter crop.
Softer 12 PSW quick and easy stubble cultivation

The Farmet Softer 12PSW was the perfect choice as it handled his conditions exceptionally well and left a beautiful level finish. He said that all of the summer weeds amongst the stubble was completely cut out, something that some other speed discs struggled to do. He also liked its simple operation and narrow folded transport width.

Softer 12 PSW is specially made for non-european markets with wide axle. It is not homologated for European transportation 3x4 meters but still very compact and small folded for transportation.

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