Strip-Till Farmet in Ukrainian company, a year later

29. 3. 2021
Very well done pre-sowing cultivation finished last year is the key to this year's excellent yield.
Strip-Till Farmet in Ukrainian company, a year later

The agricultural company "Agromino" from Kharkiv region, Ukraine got ready their fields by Farmet Strip-till after grain corn harvest in autumn last year.  Two types of fertilizers were applied to the root zone of future plants. Phosphorus and potassium, necessary for the full development of cultivated plants, were placed in two horizons, important during the season for each stage of plant growth.

The front spreading and cleaning discs can store even a large amount of crop residues after grain corn in the intermediate row, even at a row spacing of 50 cm.

It is worth mentioning the function of the rear double spike roller which consolidates loose row and fix the plant residues in the inter-rows.  This will  help to keep the cultivated strip rows  clean and visible before sowing.

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