The most effective processing of soya!

5. 3. 2021
Soya is important crop with high protein content and balanced ratio of amino acids. Globally number of sowing areas is increasing due to increase demand for soya products.
The most effective processing of soya!

Company Farmet see future in this unique crop and offers you complex technological solution to process soybean for producing of high quality oil, pressing cakes and soya extrudate/texturate.

Final products include no chemistry agents and meet healthy and optimal nutrition.

You can process soybean by using the unique technology Pressing with extrusion (EP1- including the option dehulling and separation of hulls for increasing the portion of proteins) or technology of Extrusion for production of full fat soya!!!

Thanks to our patented system, you can use recuperation of wasteful heat for soybean preheating. You can incredible reduce the operation costs and increase the productivity of the technology.

Technology of company Farmet a. s. provides you strong advantages thanks to economy and effective solution.

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