Verso is unique in raw spring soil

1. 4. 2021
Wet autumn and winter rich in snow brought joy to all farmers. The soil has a sufficient supply of water for emergence and high crop production.
Verso is unique in raw spring soil

On the other hand, high moisture in the soil makes it difficult to process. Modern farmers cannot wait for the soil to dry naturally. Spring is very fast. The solution is compact heavy-duty harrows VERSO. The semi-mounted cultivator with integrated axle is designed especially for the first processing of spring moist to raw soil after plowing or loosening. Verso does not contain rolls as standard equipment, so it is very resistant to clogging with moist soil or plant residues. It also handles very well the processing of waterlogged parts of the field, often with standing water.

5 rows of fine, long-life chisels level the soil surface very well and prepare the seedbed.

Farmers are very happy with the Verso cultivator for its versatility. A typical example of using the Verso is in loose soil after winter. The cultivator opens the soil in one pass, pulls off the coarse and levels the soil with a loosening to a depth of 10 cm. The soil treated in this way dries easily and warms faster. This is often followed by the precise preparation of the seedbed with the Farmet Kompaktomat pre-sowing compactor, for example before planting onions or sowing wide-row crops.

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