Experience with Falcon PRO Tandem during spring sowing

19. 4. 2021
The Falcon PRO Tandem is one of the few seed drills on the market. Share seeders are experiencing a renaissance mainly due to simpler construction and the need to establish stands with a higher content of plant residues. An important reason for many farmers is farming on stony fields.
Experience with Falcon PRO Tandem during spring sowing

Falcon Tandem is characterized by a simple construction with minimal maintenance requirements and also with a minimum of rotating parts with bearings.

The tandem is primarily designed for the sowing with the application of fertilizer in one pass. By selecting the sowing shares, the required sowing and fertilizer storage technology can be selected. Arrow coulters are designed for full-area sowing with the application of fertilizer to the seed. The advantage is the even distribution of unites, full-area loosening and destruction of emerging weeds. The fertilizer is quickly accessible to the productive crop.

The second option is a narrower delta share for belt sowing with the application of fertilizer under the seed. The fertilizer is applied in the central line and the seed is sown in two rows along the fertilizer to the required depth and a row spacing of 125 mm. Delta coulters do not cultivate the soil over the entire area, but on the contrary deposit plant residues in the inter-row. The fertilizer is accessible immediately after rooting the production crop. Tensile strength may be lower. The spacing of arrow and delta shares is 25 cm and are interchangeable.

Falcon Tandem is not demanding on the quality of soil preparation. It needs loose soil without deep tracks for good plant establishment.

The Falcon Tandem uses the proven design of the Falcon PRO series, in particular the 6 m3 overpressure self-supporting hopper, the Muller control electronics, the Farmet roller dispensers and the low-pressure pneumatic roller for even re-compaction of the established vegetation.

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