Kompaktomat in rough plowing

12. 4. 2021
The Kompaktomat pre-sowing cultivator is designed for precise preparation of the sowing bed. The complex top qualities of the machine are demonstrated in difficult conditions, such as the processing of rough plowing in the spring.
Kompaktomat in rough plowing

Quality pre-sowing preparation for single-pass can be a problem.

Especially in more difficult conditions, when the frost does not break the plowing, the rough plowing remains very uneven even in the spring with variable soil moisture and the proportion of very dry and hard parts.

Thanks to the fact that Kompaktomat performs up to 7 operations in one pass, the result is a perfectly transversely leveled soil surface, leveling of tractor tracks, loosening the soil to the depth of the seedbed, crumbly soil structure and soil compaction even in such difficult conditions.

It is not necessary to repeat the operation and the soil is ready for sowing.

For medium and heavier conditions, we recommend a share section with spring protection, which reliably holds the set depth of processing even in plowing. Hydraulic control of the height of the front leveling bar directly from the tractor is also practical.

Presowing combinator Kompaktomat has been manufactured by Farmet since its inception. Continuous development and improvement based on experience from many markets has been going on for more than 28 years.

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