Unique Screw Press for Oilseeds FS 350

16. 4. 2021
In 2020 we introduced our new and high-powered press FS 350, which is designed especially for small and medium-sized oilseed processing capacities. The press consists of robust monolithic basket with longitudinal stacking of plates.
Unique Screw Press for Oilseeds FS 350

The most important advantages are larger drain plate for higher oil yield, reliability, simply installation, high service live and using for processing wide range of oilseeds.

The press is designed for both one and two level cold pressing so one and two level hot pressing. As well the press is ideal press for assembling technology lines on example: in combination with extruders for producing feed mixtures.

Press FS 350 has been already integrated into offered portfolio and the press has been working reliably in many implementations around the world.

See the video below for more information.

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