The Unique Technology of Pressing with Extrusion

28. 4. 2021
Company Farmet a.s. provides its customers the complex approach and taylor-made solution to fulfil their requirements and needs. One of the unique technologies, which is successfully offered, is the technology of feed extrusion used for pressing of oilseeds.
The Unique Technology of Pressing with Extrusion

Thanks to a wide range of oilseeds screw presses and feed extruders is secured a perfect connection of mechanical processing of oilseeds with thermal processing. Our best-selling technology is the technology called Two-level Pressing with Extrusion (EP2) – that is a combination of cold pressing - extrusion and hot pressing.

In the process of cold pressing in the first stage of pressing, the customer obtains high-quality virgin, cold-pressed oil.

The technology of feed extrusion enables the production of high-quality feed, which has significantly better protein digestibility, reduced content of antinutritional substances and the press cakes are sterilized.

In the subsequent final hot pressing is ensured a maximum oil yield.

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