Falcon 4 PRO an effective set for medium-sized companies

6. 5. 2021
Thanks to its modularity, the Falcon PRO sowing machine is designed for sowing in all soil conditions, for example after plowing, mulch, subsoil, with preparation, without preparation.
Falcon 4 PRO an effective set for medium-sized companies

This machine allows sowing of two crops, sowing and fertilization and when supplemented with Micro Drill, the possibility of sowing a third additional crop.

The modularity and operating characteristics of the mentioned machine convinced the customer from Křižanovská vrchovina, who bought the Falcon 4 PRO version with Micro Drill and the front disc pre-processing section. It replaces the disc section with rotary harrows according to the crop to be established and soil conditions.

Falcon 4 PRO is used for sowing all common crops, literally. In the spring, especially for sowing barley, followed by a mixture of oats and vetch, oats and alfalfa sowing and ends with the sowing of meadows and pastures directly into the existing vegetation. In autumn, mainly for sowing rape and wheat.

The working speed of the machine depends on the method of pre-preparation. After pre-sowing preparation, the working speed is higher, on the contrary, it is slower with power (rotary) harrows.

The new owner plans to make maximum use of the Micro Drill, mostly in the spring. He most praises the scattering of grass and alfalfa seeds flat in front of the harrow.

The owner of Falcon 4 PRO primarily uses for establish growths of cereals and mixtures, which are then processed and used as feed for cattle.

"The 4 m Falcon is the ideal effective choice for me," says the owner.

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