Kompaktomat K 1000 PS in combination with crumbling rollers

19. 5. 2021
The new set, composed at the customer's request, from the Kompaktomat K 1000 PS machine and the DV 1000 NS crumbling rollers, was involved in spring work.
Kompaktomat K 1000 PS in combination with crumbling rollers

The Kompaktomat pre-sowing compactor is designed for precise seedbed preparation, where it performs up to 7 operations in one pass. It is unique in that the working bodies can be chosen exactly according to the customer's needs and soil conditions.

One of the new sets consisting of the Kompaktomat K 1000 PS machine and the DV 1000 NS crumbling rollers perfectly managed the seedbed preparation in naturally fertile region by the river Elbe region, Czech Republic.

The new owner was inspired by an older design with a working width of 8 metres, in the same composition, which has proved its worth in the given locality and which it uses to its full satisfaction. The set cultivates various types of heavy soils. Additional crumbling rollers, aggregated into the rear hinge of the Kompaktomat, reliably crumbs the remaining clods.

The main reason for investing in a complete set is to save operating costs and minimize crossings. The seedbed preparation and the thorough soil crumbling  is finished in one pass.

In this locality, the farmer has a proven technology of spring soil preparation:

The soil must first be treated with a cultivator to aerate and dry the soil profile after winter. Another operation is tillage with a Kompaktomat adjusted to greater working depth (if the soil conditions allow) with crumbling rollers, which reconsolidate the seedbed. The result is a perfectly flat field and crushed clods. In the soil treated this way, the production crop emerges evenly, the soil manages water well and the subsequent chemical protection also works better. Despite the cultivation of the soil after winter with a cultivator, the operator had to deal with the uneven drying of the soil profile, which is typical for the spring period.

The high rotational speed of the front spiral rollers and the ribbed rear roller cleaners ensure the correct function of the working elements even in wet places. The result of perfect work is the combination of a comb cleaner on the crumbling rollers and the correct working speed of 10–14 km / h. A very welcome and acclaimed element is the hydraulically controlled front flexiboard height and the hydraulically controlled working depth of the A- blades directly from the tractor cab. The operator can thus react quickly to changes in soil conditions.

In this case, the set was used to prepare the seedbed for poppy seed. The working depth was 2-3 cm at a working speed of about 12 km / h. The crumbling rollers can also be used as an independent self-working machine. The farmer is very satisfied with the choice of his new set.


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