At the border of Europe and Asia with the seed drill Falcon SW Fert +

2. 6. 2021
At the Russian agriculture company Ignatev, operating in the Orenburg region of the southern part of Russia, they put into operation a new seed drill Falcon SW Fert +, which they bought in the autumn. The Orenburg region is one of the main agricultural places of the Russian Federation. It is located around the Ural river and the southern part of the Ural mountains. These geographical conditions create a favorable climate for agricultural activity in the region, where are humid springs and dry summers with a high numbers of sunny days are common. The most cultivated crops are wheat, rye, sunflowers, potatoes, peas and beans.
At the border of Europe and Asia with the seed drill Falcon SW Fert +

Ignatev Farm is a company that works in this fertile landscape, especially on flat land, and already has very good experience with Farmet machines. They have been using Kompaktomat in two working lengths for several years. Farm also owns crumbling rollers from Farmet, which can be combined very well with Kompaktomat for better soil reconsolidation and clods crumbling. This combination turns in a perfect seedbed results.

According to the words of company's agronomist Alexandr Shirshikov, they are very satisfied with the work and reliability of Farmet machines. Now that it was time to decide to buy a new seed drill, it was clear that it would be necessary to invest in a reliable and high-quality machine. After good experience with previous machines and especially also on the recommendation of a company operating nearby, they again decided for Farmet. The company owner, Ignatev Vladimirovic, says: “At first glance, it can be seen that the machine is sophisticated, manufactured well and is technically advanced. I left the decision to choose a new seed drill to the agronomist, who carefully considered the choice. He had the opportunity to get acquainted with the results of the work of the Falcon seed drill in a company operating in the Ulyanovsk region in the previous year. He liked the quality of the sown crops so much that the choice was sure."

"Despite the fact we decided in the spring of last year, we had to wait until the autumn to be able to put in operation our own seed drill Falcon SW Fert +" says the agronomist. "Unfortunately, we had to wait, because the manufacturer was not able to built it faster due to the increased demand for seed drills and problems with pandemic, but the waiting paid off. The Falcon seed drill fully meets the sowing requirements in our conditions. We want to use it mainly for sowing cereals, but also chickpeas, which we have as one of the main crops. We sow chickpeas at a row distance of 30 cm, and this seeder allows us to do that."

Between used technologies includes minimizing tillage with direct sowing to stubble. Fertilization during sowing was also an important feature for selection. Falcon SW Fert is equipped with 6 000 liters hopper, which is divided into two chambers for sowing and fertilization. Fertilization during sowing is carried out by the fertilizing disc section for fertilizer application. The crop is sown with disc coulters in the rear sowing section.

The Falcon SW can be equipped with a wide-width sowing section for sowing narrow-row crops, a mounted wide-row crops seed drill or a mounted striptill cultivator. Also is possible optionally change front preprocessing section according to the chosen technology.

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