Why use original spare parts, which are made by Farmet a. s.

7. 12. 2021
Under customer care, comprehensive services are provided in connection with the installation and commissioning of the technology, also the provision of after-sales care, which includes the supply of spare parts.
Why use original spare parts, which are made by Farmet a. s.

It is quite common for the individual working parts of the machines to undergo the expected wear. To ensure the smooth running of the technology, to essential that spare parts are delivered on time and in the required quality. We have specified spare parts for each delivered machine for a defined period of operation.

We often come across the opinion that the spare parts we produce are a bit more expensive than they can be bought elsewhere. However, it should be emphasized here that only original Farmet parts will serve as well as the parts used to make complete machines. Spare parts are designed and manufactured with the same demands on quality and maximum durability.

"We are not so rich to buy cheap things." This classic motto should be kept in mind by someone considering buying non-original and often much cheaper spare parts.

Based on our many years of experience, we have often come across many customers trying to operate with non-original spare parts, and yet eventually returned to buying original spare parts.

All incidental costs associated with the replacement of spare parts must be calculated. Replacement of spare parts requires some time (equipment downtime) when the technology does not work and does not make a profit. The bigger the technology, the longer the downtime and the lower the profits. If spare parts are changed several times a year or only once every two years, there may be a difference of a few days when the equipment cannot operate and maintenance parts must be paid to replace the parts.

When using non-original spare parts, there is a great risk of an accident, and thus considerable damage to the entire machine, when the savings for "cheaper" parts are bought out by considerable damage to the entire machine.

Farmet's common philosophy is to develop, manufacture and deliver quality spare parts on time at a reasonable price.

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