Realization of dry winterization of sunflower oil in Croatia

8. 2. 2022
At the beginnging of this year was successfully put into operation the winterization technology for our current customer in Croatia who has owned the module pressing plant COMPACT supplied by Farmet company.
Realization of dry winterization of sunflower oil in Croatia

Why winterization technology? The reason is absolutely evident. Naturally contained waxes in sunflower oil cause opacity of the oil within it isn’t perceived as positively by end consumers. Winterization technology ensures perfect removal of these waxes. After its processing, the oil becomes clear (even at low temperatures) and, of course, more attractive to consumers.

Process of dry winterization is fully physical – no chemistry is dosed to the process, such as it is the case with the wet winterization process.

Alongside the complicated treatment of the by-product in the form of soaps is eliminated. The waste product of dry winterization is a mixture of waxes and filter agent (cellulose). The by-products can be used in both feed and cosmetics industry.

The implemented technology is able to process up to 15 tons of oil per day.

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