Farmet - Your Reliable Supplier of Oilseed Processing Technology

31. 1. 2023
Nature has created for us a variety of oilseeds . Farmet has been processing these seeds with respect, humility and a complex approach for over 30 years with its cutting-edge, efficient and highly environmentally friendly technologies.
Farmet - Your Reliable Supplier of Oilseed Processing Technology

The technologies we supply are based on our own research, development and production and are based exclusively on the principle of mechanical processing (hexane free) - i.e. without the use of any chemicals.

Farmet is a partner of farmers. We support horizontal agriculture. You will no longer have to sell your crops at low prices to buying houses or invest significant amounts of money to transport them to and from processing plants. You will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Get rid of your dependence on large processors by local processing.  With Farmet technologies, you can efficiently and locally process your crops. You get pure natural and highly marketable products with high added value - the highest quality vegetable oils and excellent fresh feed with optimal nutrition for different livestock species.


Take a step in the right direction and invest in Farmet technology. Your investment will be quickly returned to you (also thanks to our patented energy recovery system) and your products will become the best and healthiest selling commodity on the market. 

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