Meeting with our customer from Estonia

17. 4. 2023
At the beginning of this month, a delegation of our existing customer from Estonia visited Farmet. This customer is a supporter of the vision of local processing of agricultural products (specifically rapeseed) in the place where it is grown and then used in the local feed and food industry.
Meeting with our customer from Estonia

Our customer runs EP2 technology, a two-stage pressing with extrusion. It is with this customer that we have long promoted the benefits of using our technology in the feed industry.

The customer is a company made up of dozens of farmers. These farmers supply the pressing plant with seeds from the rapeseed they have grown. They then use the final products, such as presscakes, in the feed industry for their own livestock production.

The customer appreciates the excellent properties of the feed, which allows them to have a great competitive advantage in the local market.

Representatives of the customer visited us with a goal to invest in additional equipment - specifically oil refining. They want to offer refined oil for direct food consumption in Estonia and thus reduce the amount of imported oil.

Customer feedback is always very important for us.  We are happy that a lot of our customers are very satisfied both with our technology and the products they have gained. The customer wishes to be associated with the Farmet brand in the future.

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