Complex Oilseed Processing Plant

23. 5. 2023
Farmet a.s. together with the local dealer Seed-Imex Kft. (HU) has put into operation a plant for complex processing of oilseeds (mainly rapeseeds) using the technology of two-level cold pressing (CP2) including automatic oil filtration (AFF) and Farmet Intelligent Control (FIC) and visualization system.
Complex Oilseeds Processing Plant by Cold Pressing

The two-level cold pressing technology offers a very gentle solution in the pressing process while achieving high oil yields. During the pressing process, the oilseeds do not heat up too much and biologically valuable substances such as vitamins and antioxidants are maintained. The oil obtained contains only a small amount of phospholipids, which facilitates further processing. 


Heart of the technology supplied are the FS4015 large capacity screw presses, with a planned daily capacity of up to 300 tonnes of seeds. Farmet and our customer share a common vision of local oilseed processing. The delivered technology allows the customer to obtain high quality (organic, bio, pure) and well marketable commodities - especially high quality rapeseed oil and press cakes with ideal parameters for the feed industry.

The obtained (virgin) oil is clear, has a golden  colour, a delicious taste and a delicate smell of the raw material. It can be used in food, feed and industrial applications. The press cakes are most often used as feed with high feed value - e.g. for feeding cattle, pigs, poultry.

The delivered technology is highly environmentally friendly with maximum safety and stability of the operation. It is exclusively mechanical (without chemicals - hexane) and ecological processing, which does not generate any waste.

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