Kyiv hosted the fifth international Grain Storage Forum ELEVATOR 2023

8. 6. 2023
This event is the largest agricultural forum in Ukraine, bringing together more than 700 visitors, more than 40 exhibitors and 30 leading speakers.
Kyiv hosted the fifth international Grain Storage Forum ELEVATOR 2023

2 thematic panels, 4 discussion sessions, 2 workshops, more than a dozen presentations, 30 speakers, numerous questions and, of course, close communication on the sidelines of the forum and exhibition, many business contacts and agreements. An event of this magnitude is of great importance for the Ukrainian grain market, as the agricultural sector continues to develop despite the war started by the aggressor country.

One of the active participants of the V International Forum was Farmet, represented by its official partner and representative in Ukraine - ПП “Анатоль. Visitors were very interested in the UNO press manufactured by Farmet, which can be called the highlight of the exhibition. The compactness and clarity of the technology impressed the participants so much that some of them took pens out of their jacket pockets, asking what papers they needed to sign to purchase this press. This is not the first time we have seen visitors to such events showing interest in Farmet products, especially when the technology is presented at the exhibition. We can assume that this is due to a certain shift in the Ukrainian market towards processing certain crops. Given the profitability of this area, entrepreneurs receive strong credit support from banks and the government, so more and more farmers and entrepreneurs in Ukraine are looking to create their own production line.

We would like to express our gratitude to the organisers of the V International Grain Storage Forum ELEVATOR 2023 for holding such a large-scale event and supporting the agricultural industry. There is no doubt that next year the leading companies and industry experts will meet again at the next forum, and Farmet will probably surprise everyone with a new technology. And let's all hope that the next forum will be held in a victorious and peaceful Ukraine!

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