From soybean seed to bottled vegetable oil

15. 1. 2024
Late last year, the first project in Tanzania involving soybean pressing with extrusion and physical refining of soybean oil was successfully put into operation.
From soybean seed to bottled vegetable oil

The soybean pressing plant, with a maximum capacity of 50 tonnes of soybeans per day (with plans to expand to double capacity), is equipped with a flat steam recovery unit (RECU), which is used to pre-heat the soybeans prior to extrusion. The technology thus saves the customer the cost of input energy.

The fully physical refining process with a maximum output of 15 tonnes of oil per day consists of two stages of degumming, adsorption bleaching and physical deacidification.

By using a high quality vacuum source and a modern freezing process, we have been able to reduce the oil retention time at high temperature. Combined with low process pressure, we have created ideal conditions to guarantee quality oil. In the physical refining process we do not use chemicals that would not be acceptable in the food industry.

Overall, this implementation is a confirmation of our vision of local processing, where the customer processes locally grown soybeans into final products such as refined oil and press cakes with ideal parameters for use in the feed industry.

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