Another record year for Farmet company!

27. 3. 2024
Farmet company has had another very successful year. The year 2023 meant further increase in sales and profit for the company.
Another record year for Farmet company!

It was successful not only in the markets of European Union, but also in the USA, Canada, or Australia, mainly thanks to wide working widths technique for tillage and sowing. Despite general fall of demand in Europe caused by drop in commodity prices, Farmet managed to sell well here. High use value of Farmet products gets customers even in these difficult times and brings them better productivity and investment and operational savings. Farmet achieved great success in the markets of Africa, where got on well especially the Oil & Feed Tech division which supplies complex technologies for obtaining and processing vegetable oils and feed production.

The past year was the record year for Farmet also by a scope of realized investments. The realisation of the largest investment in recent years culminated in 2023. Within the framework of these large investments new halls were built and new production technologies enabling significant expansion of production capacities, but also achievement even higher quality level of production were purchased. New high-end machines for laser cutting of sheet metals and profiles, sophisticated tooling, laser welding technologies, technologies for stainless steel production, technologies for forming and heat treating were purchased. At the same time, it was invested in logistics systems and systems for production managing and monitoring the production cycle of the product. A high level of production process digitisation was achieved. Each material and product can be digitally monitored at any stage of the storage and production process, and based on this data the production process can be constantly optimized and effectively managed. Fully digitized production documentation enables in production process working with digital twins containing not only full 3D view, but also all key data needed for the given production process.

However, Farmet invests not only in the quality and productivity of production, but also in continuous improvement of working environment for its employees. It is highly emphasized on the ergonomics of work, optimal arrangement of workplaces and the use of manipulators for reduction of physical demandingness. Thanks to this, employees can do constantly high-quality work and work for a long time at Farmet with the perspective of personal growth.

Despite generally less optimistic predictions for development of some markets in 2024, Farmet company believes that thanks to significant investments in its development on markets, it will be henceforth successful and achieve further growth and empowerment of stability.

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